"My focus is on building a relationship in which I remain open, accepting and attuned to the feelings and circumstances of each person as a unique individual."

It is within the safety of this relationship that each person is seen and heard, and is able to discover new possibilities for an enriched life.

About Ellen Singer Coleman

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Ellen Singer Coleman, LCSW, CGP

I am a licensed clinical social worker, psychotherapist and certified relational psychoanalyst with 35+ years of advanced training and clinical experience with adults.

Working with individuals from young adulthood through the many stages of life has given me a broad perspective and appreciation of a wide range of concerns and emotional difficulties faced by people throughout adulthood. My extensive experience has prepared me to effectively approach and understand the needs and problems that are unique to each person with whom I work.


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In my practice, I work individually and in groups to address relationship problems as well as depression, anxiety and self-esteem issues. An important area of specialty is helping both women and men who are facing separation or divorce. In all areas of my practice, I focus on understanding the whole person as a unique individual and work to help develop individualized coping strategies without concentrating on symptoms or predetermined labels.

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