Separation and Divorce

With 40-50% of today’s first-time marriages resulting in a legal separation or divorce, there is a good chance that one of these will impact you or someone close to you. Given how many marriages end up in divorce, it is surprising how many people today are ill-prepared when a marital breakup occurs. Regardless of who initiates the separation or divorce or whether children are involved, the breakup inevitably creates powerful emotions and impacts lives in complex ways.

I believe that anyone’s journey through separation and divorce is never an easy one. However, it need not be experienced as a failure, personal disaster, or something to be ashamed of. It is a life transition, necessitated by each individual’s particular life circumstances. In order to understand and sort through each situation, which is unique, I work individually and in groups to support and guide each person through the separation or divorce process. Through this therapeutic relationship, one is helped to clarify core values and to navigate the divorce process from a position of strength, clarity and integrity. This work leads to positive change and personal growth, making it possible to get unstuck and move forward in life.

While building self-confidence and resilience, I work with each person to address the needs of children, and to manage the separation from their partner in a constructive and healthy manner. Through this level of support and guidance, individuals with whom I work feel less alone, more centered and better able to deal with difficult feelings and situations as they arise.

In addition, I collaborate in my practice with a number of professionals with expertise in legal, financial, parenting and other life issues who are attuned to the needs of clients going through the divorce process. These professionals are available to assist my clients, when needed.